Sunday, June 12, 2011

Catch up!

Yikes - I have been slacking yet again!  What can I say - so sorry to all of you that even attempt to check and see if there are any updates!  Watch out - there are A LOT of pictures and videos in this post!  Sorry - might bore you!  ;)

We just moved and things are crazy! 

Kennedy gets more amazing every single day!  Seriously - how does it get better?  She is so darn cute - can't help it but I just think she is!  Greg and I laugh because we say - we wonder if everyone else thinks she is as cute as we do!  :)  Her personality is simply awesome!  She is 8 months old - still way off the charts (not sure of her weight bc she hasn't been weighed since her 6 month appt - but I tried to weigh her and she was 22/23 lbs and her legs are the longest things I have ever seen).  She is wearing 18 months clothes, eats all kinds of foods, LOVES the pool, stands up in her crib, verge of crawling, smiles ALL the time (makes my heart smile), loves having her Uncles home but misses her Buncle, etc.  I could go on and on but will just post lots of pics and a couple videos!

Camden is hanging in there!  He is getting used to the new place - I think he likes having a yard even if we still have to walk him out for him to go to the bathroom.  He likes Kennedy - not sure if he loves her yet!  :)  Just gives her licks and goes on his way!  I think the love will start soon when she starts throwing her food to him on the floor!  Camden is just excited for his vacation with his 2 girlfriends - Kona and Laney!  He is still the best dog in the world and I love him so much!  My little boy! 
Mike and Matt are home!  We haven't had the best luck so far.  The first game Matthew played in - only had been home for 2 days - he was hit in the face by a pitch.  Helicoptered to Fairfax hospital.  Very scary event!  Unfortunately he has several fractures in his orbital bone but fortunately no issues with vision, brain, etc.  He will be having surgery on Tuesday!  Poor guy - just can't catch a break!  Mike is doing well and playing still!  They are on a team that plays literally 3 minutes from my house!  Love it!  They turn 21 on Friday - what the heck!  They are supposed to be 3 and running around like crazy!  Can't believe it!

Brandon is doing awesome!  He had a short stint in Baltimore and definitely proved that he deserves to be there!  And he was called up again for a few games and yet again proved himself.  The last time he was up there - he had a freakin silly play and ended up on ESPN's Top Ten plays - #2!  Then last night - he was in the game and had probably THE at bat of the game!  We are so proud of him as always!  :)  Go 29!  We are in countdown for Lindsey and Brandon's wedding!  The planning for all the events is in full swing!  So excited!

Alright - here are some pics and videos!  Hopefully I will stay on top of this - we shall see!  haha!  :)

PS.  There is this "photobucket" image on my blog - no idea how it got there and don't know how to remove it!  Anyone have any suggestions?

Friday, March 18, 2011

Peaches...not so much!

Trying peaches for the first time - not successful!  Must be a little sour for her liking!  :)

Obsession with Water Bottles!

Kennedy is OBSESSED with water bottles!  I mean she loves them and wants to drink and drink and drink out of them!  It is pretty funny to watch her!  She doesn't get all of it in her mouth but a good amount.  She will also throw a MAJOR temper tantrum if you take it away from her!  I need to film that one too!  At first she would just stick her tongue in it but now she actually drinks out of it!  Hahaha!  Camden wanted to get in on the action too - my little man - he is such a good boy!  It is funny because he loves water bottles too!  He loves to throw them around but also loves the fresh water too!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Bounce, bounce, bounce!

Kennedy loves to get her bouncy seat going now! She will get both legs into it and then starts talking up a storm! It is pretty entertaining while I am trying to work! :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

5 months old!

Really, really 5 months old!  Can't believe it!  Kennedy is growing so darn fast and the time is just flying!  Probably has a lot to do with the fact that I am working 2 jobs and she comes along with me!  Our days are a complete blur most of the time!  I have to give her a lot of credit for being so good through all of this - we are trying to stick to the best routine possible!  We are getting through it!  Kennedy is so fun though - everyone at Snyder Baseball loves to talk to her and play with her - and she is equally in love with everyone up there too!  She even gets real mad when they don't pay her enough attention!

Camden is still amazing!  Hanging in there as the big brother!  I think he is getting used to her now.  Still doesn't quite understand what her deal is, but he is getting there.  It helps that he still goes to work with dad every day!  He loves to have his one on one time with him!  He is such a good boy and I know that he will love Kennedy soon (when she is throwing food to him)!

Kennedy is on solids now - big girl!  We have had sweet potatoes, bananas, avocados and pears!  So far she seems to like them all.  She makes some funny faces with the pears - maybe they are a little sour!  But I have been making her food with the awesome Beaba that Courtney gave to me!  LOVE LOVE LOVE it - it is so fun!  I highly recommend it to any future moms and moms out there! 

Alright - well back to work!  Not to much time to be on here but want to try and update the blog!  :)

She loves her feet now - grabs them, always sticking her legs up in the air, etc!

She has frogs just like her brother Camden!

Sunday, February 13, 2011